Commit 8240405d authored by Glaucia Schnoeller dos Santos's avatar Glaucia Schnoeller dos Santos
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Merge branch 'develop' into 'master'

Change permissions for messages

See merge request !48
parents b3b7b3b0 e0bfed84
......@@ -142,7 +142,8 @@ class ProfessorMessageViewSet(viewsets.ModelViewSet):
queryset = ProfessorMessage.objects.all()
filter_fields = ('course', 'classrooms')
serializer_class = ProfessorMessageSerializer
permission_classes = (IsAssistantOrCoordinatorOrAdminOrRecipient,)
# permission_classes = (IsAssistantOrCoordinatorOrAdminOrRecipient)
permission_classes = (IsAdminOrReadOnly, )
def perform_create(self, serializer):
classes = serializer.context['request'].data.get('classes', None)
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