Commit a64e1d49 authored by Bruno Martin's avatar Bruno Martin
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fix profile filled check

parent 652092b7
......@@ -379,9 +379,8 @@ class User(AbstractUser):
def is_profile_filled(self):
from timtec.settings import ACCOUNT_REQUIRED_FIELDS as fields
for field in fields:
for field in settings.ACCOUNT_REQUIRED_FIELDS:
f = getattr(self, field)
if not f:
......@@ -392,4 +391,4 @@ class User(AbstractUser):
def get_certificates(self):
from core.models import CourseCertification
return CourseCertification.objects.filter(course_student__user=self)
\ No newline at end of file
return CourseCertification.objects.filter(course_student__user=self)
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