Commit 4c16eeda authored by Bruno Martin's avatar Bruno Martin
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include new commits in git submodules

parent b41bfb32
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django-courses @ bd82d032
Subproject commit 7ea4d50985ab9d086bd1016940c01a23c10f4ecf
Subproject commit bd82d032a182ede08a577c10696cbf0f46341738
django-courses-certification @ 9b889b85
Subproject commit 45a68e88bbd08f08ae9c2184c76e47da20cc74d7
Subproject commit 9b889b850e36a4721ae411520a2468d03fa396d0
django-courses-legacy @ a2a6ddf1
Subproject commit 02fd921ffb6401639e4130951e62686595856e22
Subproject commit a2a6ddf18cc5374c9c06f4d0934a78601d805711
Subproject commit 50a98445a511aba926cb5e695179cbc5c4002e2b
Subproject commit 5e3d912fd1b05086560218cc928befa44cd03212
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